Metal Coating Services

Established in 1982, by my late father, Keith Deakin, Metal Coating Services was built on a simple ethos, to deliver excellent reliability and always put the customer first. This principle has driven us over the past 35 years.
His vision allowed him to see an opportunity in the market locally to build a company in, what was then, the relatively new industry of powder coating. Operating from our former site on Bankside, Hull, we instantly became the leading supplier of this metal finishing technology to regional manufacturing businesses.

Relationships were established with customers during these early years that still exist in mutually beneficial ways today, and this represents our customer-focussed approach to everything we do.

By 1994 we’d outgrown our former site and moved to our current premises on Hamburg Road, Sutton Fields Industrial Estate, Hull, in order to support the continued success of the business. It was also at this time that I joined the company, establishing us as a true family-run enterprise.

Sadly, Keith passed away, aged only 50, in 1996 but, with the valued support of my team over the years, I’ve sought to maintain the business ethos and those high levels of pride in customer relationships and care that he established.

After a period of sustained growth we refurbished all our existing plant in 2008, which allowed us to increase our capacity and efficiency. The challenges the recession posed were overcome and there has again, since then, been a period of sustained, year-on-year growth, which has allowed significant investment in the business again over the past 18 months.

A new state-of-the-art, hexavalent-free, chromate multi-stage pre-treatment facility has been installed, which is providing the platform for us to move more significantly in to architectural aluminium markets with powder manufacturer-backed warranties. All of our spray equipment and plant has also  been fully upgraded recently, which is showing immediate and consistent quality control benefits. Along with practical and aesthetic improvements to the design of our shop floor, and the strong, very experienced team of 19 who we’re proud to call ours, we truly believe we are in a superb position to deliver what our clients need and expect from us; an unparalleled level of service and quality that always has, and will continue to be, the difference between us and our competitors.